ELVANG is fair trade certified at the highest possible level within the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) as Guaranteed Member. This guarantees that the throw is woven under responsible conditions for both the environment, humans and animals.

Organic cotton & linen

Our cotton collections are made from pure organic cotton, which makes our throws soft and breathable. The responsible production of our 100% organic cotton collections takes place in Portugal.


At ELVANG we are at the highest level as a Guaranteed Member of the World Fair Trade Organization. In addition, we have signed on to the UN's Global Compact initiative, which has social responsibility and responsible production as core areas.

100% upcycled fibres

The rugs are handmade in the North of Portugal within a family business using a traditional wooden loom. No electricity is involved - only pure muscles' sparks! The rug is suitable as a bathmat, a kitchen rug or in any other room for cosiness and decoration.

100% baby alpaca wool

Weaving textiles of alpaca fibres is a Peruvian tradition that can be traced back to the Inca times. Alpaca fibres are soft, durable and offer more warmth than other natural fibres.

Organic cotton - responsibly produced in Portugal