Skyfall - the luxurious throw you must own

Skyfall - the luxurious throw you must own
August 2022
The new Skyfall collection from exclusive Elvang is heavenly in both softness and delicacy and simply a treat to die for. The beautiful, vibrant play of colours is achieved when the longitudinal threads, called the trend or chain, are in one shade and the transverse threads, called the weft which here are in another - a simple way of letting the natural materials live.
The simple technique also helps to give the fine details such as the edge in the shade of the shoot and the fringes in the trend.
Skyfall is woven in the finest baby alpaca wool, which is both long-fiber, warm and ultra-soft and the absolute finest sort of alpaca wool, so wrapping yourself in a luxury throw like this is like getting the most loving hug. Skyfall is available in five long-lasting and coordinated color combinations and weighs just 600 g. Elvang's alpaca wool is of course from 100% sustainable breeding.
Elvang is fair trade certified at the highest level by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). It is a guarantee that the plaid is manufactured under proper conditions for the environment, humans and animals.
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