At Elvang, sustainability and responsibility are the cornerstones of our DNA. In connection with the sustainable element, our choice of materials is very close to us. The right choice of materials helps to create the right products with a good quality that can be used again and again.

Properties of alpaca wool

The advantages of Alpaca wool are that it does not curl easily, alpaca wool has a good ability to stay in shape. It has a great insulating ability, but without feeling too hot. In summer, alpaca wool has the special property that it can insulate the body from the heat. Alpaca wool reflects the sun's heat and UV rays. But it is not the only thing, alpaca wool has the quality that it is breathable, and conducts heat away from the body, while the liquid is being absorbed. Unlike other materials, alpaca wool keeps the body dry and comfortable. Another quality parameter when it comes to alpaca wool is the breed of the alpaca itself. In addition, it also depends on the breed, feed, sex, soil, climatic conditions, and the health / condition of the sheep / alpaca. But from these things, the breed is the most important part, as each type produces wool from a very specific character.

Organic cotton

At Elvang, we offer pillows and plaids in soft cotton. Cotton is a natural material that has many benefits. Cotton is especially useful for pillows and rugs as it is a soft material. Like alpaca wool, cotton has the good property of being heat-conducting. Elvang cotton collections are produced in pure GOTS certified organic cotton, which makes our pillows soft and breathable. The products are produced sustainably in Portugal at a GOTS certified factory. GOTS stands for "Global Organic Textile Standard". This is a guarantee that our pillows are manufactured in accordance with the environmental and responsible standards. Our cotton products do not contain harmful chemicals and the organic cotton is hypoallergenic.

Have been curled

If your plaid or scarf from Elvang has been curled by lying folded, a steamer can be used to advantage. This must be set on wool, as the heat must not be too high.

Elvang's cushion cover must be cleaned, but the filling can be washed at 60 degrees, and regains its fullness when it is tumble dried. We use fillings from the Danish company Fossflakes, which is a combination of fine small flakes and soft polyester fibers. It creates pillows with a noticeable comfort. Even after washing, the shape and the beautiful expression are preserved.

The good advice

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