The perfect gift

The perfect gift
The perfect gift
What is the perfect gift?
If you ask us then it is a gift that can be used for many years and some you can enjoy in everyday life. In addition you must be able to give a gift with a clear conscience - it must be sustainable and made under proper conditions.
At Elvang we have a wide selection of wonderful gifts
Are you going to a wedding or maybe an 80th birthday? Then it can be really hard to find the right gift for him, her or a couple. At Elvang we have throws and pillows, scarves, floor runners, bed linen and towels. And there is no doubt that the throw is the favorite when it comes to gifts. Maybe because it is a gift that is very personal. You can get the throw in many expressions, colors and with patterns. This can help make your gift extra good and personal, for the person or people you care about.
The green gift is a meaningful gift that is made sustainably and climate-friendly. At Elvang it is our basis of existence and the focal point for all decisions we make. For us sustainability means taking co-responsibility for the people we work with, the quality in which our products are made and for protecting the environment. We are classified at the highest level as a Guaranteed Member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and have signed on to the UN Global Compact initiative, which has social responsibility and sustainable production as core areas. In addition to this, we take into account how we transport our products home. We do everything we can to transport our products home in the most environmentally friendly way and at least 90% of our production must be shipped home.
Stay within budget
Many people have a gift budget that must be adhered to. That is why we have gathered here a small selection of Elvang throws in different price levels. Common to them all is that they are manufactured in a proper and responsible manner.
Be inspired by our versatile rugs:

Lyme Grass Throw
Organic cotton
Price: 79 €
Dahlia Throw
Organic cotton & linen
Price: 89 €
Manhattan Throw
Recycled alpaca & wool
Price: 142
Luxury Throw
100% sustainable baby alpaca wool
Price: 235
Renewal in the home
It does not always require a major renovation to create renewal in the home. It can be done much more simply and in a personal way. Whether it is a throw, pillow or a floor runner you can choose to give as a gift - it helps to create a change in the home. It could be for the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen or maybe in the summer house. Renewal and addition to the home is something many of us love and it helps to make the home personal.
Gift for employees or customers
It is not only private that lasting gifts are valued. Many companies use sustainable plaids as a corporate Christmas gift, birthday gift or perhaps for an anniversary. By choosing a simple design and neutral colors, one can find plaids that fit into most homes. It will be a lasting memory from the company for example as a thank you for this year's efforts - it is a wonderful gift to take home from work to the family.
Do you need help with gifts for your employees or customers?
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