Classic elegance for sofa comfort

October 2022
A throw from Elvang is an investment in well-being for years. Nothing less. And the well-being applies to the purely physical in cuddling in the softest soft baby alpaca and the mental in that the alpaca wool is 100% sustainable and fair trade. 

The new Check throw is a born classic with its discreet dice and ever-current colours. The classic colour combinations are camel with gray checkered, deep blue with rust-red checkered or dark green with checkered in lighter green, so it is not difficult to find the right throw for the living room. The throw is woven in 100% sustainable baby alpaca, which is the finest sort of alpaca wool, and which is not surpassed by anything in softness and warmth. At the same time, the throw is light with its only 740 grams, so it is a dream to cuddle in on a cool autumn day.


Sustainability is a requirement and a condition for Elvang, which has the highest achievable certificate from the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), and it is a guarantee that your new throw are made under proper conditions for the environment, humans and animals - and it only makes the enjoyment even more complete. The tradition of weaving in alpaca wool in Peru dates back to the Inca era, and the alpaca fibers are both softer and more durable than most others, so it is a craft and quality of the very best kind.

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