Elvang Repurposing

Since 2003, we at Elvang have had a strong bond with Peru, where the production of our alpaca products first sprouted, and where employees at local weaving mills still today produce plaids and pillows with Nordic aesthetics and traditional Peruvian craftsmanship. Therefore, it is a natural step for us to launch the Elvang Repurposing project, where products return to Peru. Here the products get new life and new forms, and here they can again create value in the local community.

With Elvang Repurposing, Elvang products are donated to vulnerable women in Peru, who with their unique handicraft skills transform pillows and plaids into new products that they can sell in Peru and thus build a revenue base. Plaids and pillows can e.g. turn into bags, purses, teddy bears or dolls - in other words, it is only the imagination that sets the limits for the creative women in Peru.

We invite you to donate Elvang products that you no longer need, and we will ourselves contribute with collection samples and possibly excess stock. Products donated to Elvang Repurposing will be collected and stored in our warehouse and will be regularly shipped to Peru. The project includes both our alpaca products, which are made in Peru, and our products in organic GOTS certified cotton, which is produced in Portugal.

At Elvang, we have used recycled alpaca wool in many of our collections for several years, so Elvang Repurposing is completely in line with our vision of extending the life of the materials. At Elvang, we do not compromise with consideration for people or the environment. It is important for us to make sustainable and responsible choices that ensure proper conditions throughout the supply chain - from the salary of the alpaca shepherd to the conditions of employees at the local weaving mills, the transport home from Peru, the recycling of suppliers' packaging and gift boxes made from recycled cardboard. This has given us the highest Fair Trade certificate at the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization), which ensures that the products are manufactured at all times under ethically sound conditions, so that you can enjoy the purest soft with a clear conscience.

How to contribute to Elvang Repurposing

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