Hazelnut rug 60x180cm

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Indigo blue
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Our Hazelnut rug is handmade in Portugal and produced of upcycled fibres / surpluses of the textile industry. The rugs are handmade in the North of Portugal within a family business using a traditional wooden loom. No electricity is involved - only pure muscles' sparks! The rug is suitable as a bathmat, a kitchen rug or in any other room for cosiness and decoration.

Consistent with our responsible approach to production the rug is made of textile waste from the textile industry. The rug being made from upcycled material means that the composition will vary between an inaccurate mix of cotton, polyester and viscose always woven together with jute.

ELVANG is fair trade certified at the highest possible level within the World Fair trade Organization (WFTO) as Guaranteed member.

Material: 90% upcycled fibres & 10% jute
Size: 60x180 cm / 24x71 inches
Washable at 30 degrees