Spring stripes in elegant colours

Spring stripes in elegant colours
Spring stripes in elegant colours
March 2022
Narrow bright stripes on a base of douce hues associate with sun, beach and maritime wipes and whistle spring in earnest in earnest. The beautifully matched colors bring to mind textiles bleached by the sun through lovely sunny summers that we so long for. At Elvang, we are known for our climate responsibility in everything we put in the world, and the beautiful striped throws are in both sustainable alpaca and sheep wool of the softest kind and to abundance, the fibers are also recycled, so much better the resources can certainly not be utilized.

The elegantly muted colors are a perfect match in relation to the delicious and luxurious materials, which are as soft as a caress against the skin when the throw wraps around the body after a long day in the sun.

The alpaca fibers are softer, more durable and warmer than other natural fibers, they fluff minimally and retain themselves beautifully for lots of years. The throw is made of 100% sustainable fibers, and Elvang is fair trade certified at the highest level by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), which provides a guarantee that the production takes place under proper conditions for the environment, humans and animals.

Stripes throw
Recycled alpaca & wool
Material: 50% alpaca wool, 40% sheep wool & 10% microfiber
Price: € 142,00
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