Interior with Elvang, VEA Studio v. Line Skammeritz Jelsbech

Interior with Elvang, VEA Studio v. Line Skammeritz Jelsbech
My Doctor's house
VEA Studio v. Line Skammeritz Jelsbech
Interior with Elvang

Line Jelsbech, @mitlaegehus, Stylist & creator at own company VEA StudioBor in a former doctor's house from 1926 in Odder Denmark, East Jutland with husband & 3 children.

Many people follow the decor here in the Doctor's house because of my color choices and the composition of them. The colors of the walls in the house are chosen so that together they give a harmonious color palette. A good tip is to play with color cards and try different compositions in order to define which ones should be in your home.
I started by finding a ‘base color’ (light antique gray) that goes well with the base materials in the house; oak floors, brass, opal gas, white woodwork, etc. From there, I chose colors that had more flair for each room based on thoughts about primarily the room's function, mood & light. In this way, we have, for example, created a pretty nice color look from the completely dark green living room on to the light green living room and with the office in extension at the end in the color pink. Red & green are complementary colors and therefore go well together. In general, it is important for me to find colors that emphasize the beautiful looks that can be from one room to the next.
When I have to choose a new color, I find great inspiration in cityscapes and the paint that is used on facades. Painted woodwork that patinas over time is also something very special to me. From moving around a lot in green and pink tones, I dream of getting something blue into the house, like the next one. The good thing about colors in the form of paint is that it can always be changed. In general, I am attracted to dusty rather than completely clear colors. 
I create a common thread in the decor by letting my colors from the walls go again in the interior. A good example is the choice of the Iris cotton textiles, where the green color matches Pale Linden from Jotun, who is on the walls. And in the living room there is, for example, the Classic pillow in the color Botanic Green. Besides that pillows & throwss can add calm in that way by creating a common thread. Can I also choose something that creates a contrast and that can give life to the decor. Right now, where I dream of more blue, I have placed the beautiful Stripes throw in the color Mirage blue in the oak chair from FDB. I love the combination of the blue color along with the delicate oak. It is a throw that creates eye-catchers and lights up the decor.
Most importantly, pillows and rugs help to create a mood in a room. But they can also emphasize a mood around the time of year that we are in. And they can help carry that mood on to our home. It is a very special property. In the winter, I decorate with the thick woolen cases. I put an extra wool throw on top of the bedspread in the bedroom and also one for the office chair and the sedentary work. I find the very thick scarves up to the wardrobe, etc. They all shield from the cold and give us warmth. And at the same time, they evoke an atmosphere of calm and coziness.
When the seasons change and spring knocks on the door, I make a replacement in pillows, throws, scarves and more. In the same way that I pack the winter wardrobe away in favor of the spring and summer wardrobe. I find the light fabrics and the finer wool. I naturally get a greater need for several different colors, and like to draw the colors of spring from the outside with inside the decor Be it the Iris series, which can create the perfect spring atmosphere in the living rooms with its green and yellow colors. Although, we do not need the warmth of the textiles now, they should still be forthcoming so that we can wrap ourselves in a throw, and lean up against the pillow as we read a book and relax.
I am very aesthetically minded why all the things we live with in our home are chosen with care and consideration. Hence, I also attach a lot of emotions to the things I choose for our home, and it is rare that things are quickly replaced with something new. That way, I most often choose things that are classic and timeless, as for me to see, too, is the most sustainable choice. However, I may well be influenced by current trends. And since you can easily change the overall impression of your interior by replacing the interior, I can also think of getting a new pillow, vase, a picture or a throw in a new color, which in this way can give a fresh breath to the decor. However, I have a rule that when something new moves in, something else moves out. Either I give it to a friend or give it for recycling. Because we are not really missing anything, are we? Sustainability is to a large extent also about us having to reduce our consumption, which you have been far too violent for a long time.
In addition to choosing furniture and interiors with a classic look, it is also extremely important to me that it is of a high quality. Both so it can keep on being used over and over again. But for me to see ‘quality’ also relates to the way in which, the thing in question is produced and by what. Is the material of a fine quality and is there control over the production conditions. It's something I always keep in mind. When I know, as with Elvang, that the textiles are GOTS certified and the wool is fair trade certified at the highest level at the WFTO, then the love for that style becomes even greater. I know that a lot of love has been put into creating what moves in, and I take extra care of that, and appreciate it even more. In this way, I try to surround myself with fewer and more well-chosen things. Buy less - choose well.

In line with that, the products we have from Elvang are also chosen with the heart. In that sense, they are all 'favorites'. Now that I have written ‘spring’ in the calendar, the heavy styles are hidden away for a while. Still, we need something with weight without being thick, as the transition time can be changeable. That's why I're diligently using the Reykjavik shawl right now. It's not too hot, and with its size I can either wrap myself lightly or very much. I also use it as a light throw for my gunpowder owls when we sit together on the couch. Another style I have found is the Lisbon scarf, which has a completely different light expression from, among other things, silk. I will use it all the warm season and for the commas that will hopefully be in the gardens all around.
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