My universe // at Anna Cecilie Philipp

My universe // at Anna Cecilie Philipp
My universe // at Anna Cecilie Philipp
03 February 2022

A home in peace and harmony
Tranquility and harmony unite our thoughts with our decor. Our home must be harmonious and calm and in this it falls to us naturally to work and decorate with natural and soft materials, which are true to their colours and which style for a long-lasting longevity. In this, for me, this means that the colors must be muted, neutral and timeless. Therefore, I often stick to colours like beige, white, gray and brown and mix these with brass, wood and steel. I am inspired by nature and what nature can give us of materials. When I fall in love with a piece of furniture it often becomes what forms the framework for the expression of the decor. That's why I choose the elements of my home carefully and I rarely make impulse purchases - most of all, because I do not like to regret my choices.

Sustainability in the back of my mind
And it is here that the sustainability factor also comes into play, because thinking long-term is sustainable, and it helps to reduce our rapid consumption and tendency to switch out. I think a lot about that way of thinking in my interior design, and not least I also try to think about where the products we invest in come from. I'm not a fanatic when it comes to sustainability, but for me it makes incredibly good sense to invest in products where I know that the environment, the resources and not least the people behind them have been taken into account.

Elvang in the home
In my home I have Elvangs Luxury throw, which is made of 100% sustainable baby alpaca wool, is a fixed part of our decor. It has already followed us in two homes, and still appears as new. It is used both on the sofa, in the bedroom, for children’s play and just to enjoy over it with a good cup of coffee in hand. I have always had a weakness for throws, most of all because they can be so beautiful in themselves, but also because their function is indispensable - for the cold months inside, and for the warm summer evenings outside.
The meaning of pillows and plaids
But what is it that plaids and pillows can do in decor? This is fun because in my previous work as an interior design consultant, we always recommended prioritizing beautiful pillows and rugs if the sofa was not to be replaced. Because precisely these elements give something to your home - namely personality. Soft textiles, whether they are neutral or colorful, help to create life in your furniture, and just give the final finish in a decor.

A tip for the decor
My best tip for decorating is to be persistent when it comes to one's personal decor. Stick to why in your time you chose as you did, and use a particular piece of furniture as a benchmark for your decor. For me, it is often to go for elements in neutral shades because then I guarantee that I will not get tired of looking at it, at the same time I guarantee that it fits in with our existing decor. And always remember to ask yourself the question: "Do I want this to follow me" before you buy something that you may want to regret.
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