Havnehyblen's interior with Elvang

Havnehyblen's interior with Elvang
Havnehylen's interior with Elvang
By Sara Lisborg
April 2022

Calmness is crucial to me. My home should especially invite to tranquility, coziness and relaxation. This is exactly what I try to create with natural colors taken from nature. It is especially the color beige that fills our home. The light brown shades have a calming effect on me, which is why several of our furniture and textiles are just beige. I enjoy letting myself be enveloped by calm in our soft, beige velor sofa with a delicious and calm plaid around me. I have several times considered adding more colors in, among other things, textiles, but my gut feeling is always best when I make the safe choice; beige. I associate beige with warmth, light and not least earth. I want my home to be warm for us who live here and not least for those who come to visit. In addition, the warm beige color helps to break the cool and sterile look that is characteristic of most newly built rental homes. It is also crucial to me that the colors I use in my decor are timeless and subdued so that for expressive reasons I do not feel compelled to have to replace furniture or textiles.

Primary colors
Beige is the safe choice for me, and the beautiful, warm color helps me to emphasize sustainability in my decor, since I run no risk by keeping furniture and textiles in that color, and I therefore avoid replacement and unnecessarily increased consumption. All my styles from Elvang are also kept in earth tones in order to be able to enjoy the textiles for many years to come. In that sense, I place a high value on sustainability in my interior design - because I take no chances. I always prefer classic design and good quality, which Elvang in my optics represents. I enjoy being able to feel the good quality purely tactilely, and I can to that extent when I get Elvang's products in my hands or around me. You can simply feel and see the love and care that is put into the products.

Favorite Elvang style
Right now, my favorite style is my Thyme plaid in organic cotton, which is so soft and delicious. It is used extensively on the balcony at the moment, but it can also be used as a bedspread. Therefore, the function varies a bit, which I only see as an advantage. In addition, I love the Walnut floor runner, which adds extra luxury to the bedroom, where the runner is the first thing you step on when you get out of bed.
To that extent, I am an advocate of the concept of everyday luxury. Everyday life is the most, so everyday life must be full of small luxury experiences, and for me these are, among other things, delicious plaids in organic cotton and wool, a delicious floor runner of surplus textiles and delicious, calm colors around me. One thing is the feeling of luxury, and another is what that type of style expresses in the decor. Gorgeous textiles can provide so much coziness and warmth, and they can create coherence in the decor - especially if the colors in the textiles are repeated elsewhere in the home, which is exactly the case at home.

A good decor tip
A home is something very personal and a home should reflect those who live and work there. Therefore, in my view, you should arrange your home according to what you yourself thrive in and like to surround yourself with. For some it is a sea of ​​colors in order to make every day a party, and for me it is the exact opposite with muted tones with the intention of feeling the calm every single day.
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