Tie inside and out together

Tie inside and out together

Combine Thyme with Elvang's other cotton collections Iris and Lyme Grass to create an eclectic mix of patterns and colors. Lyme Grass plaid, DKK 599, Iris pillow, DKK 399.

Summer is knocking on the door, and soon the balcony and patio doors will be open all day long. Tie inside and out with Elvang's new Thyme collection of lightweight rugs and pillows, which can be used in the living room or taken on the balcony, in the garden or to the beach. The versatile and practical collection is produced in the most beautiful GOTS certified organic cotton. The understated design of the collection may seem uniform from a distance, but if you look closer, a vibrant pattern of bright threads is revealed, which gives a play to the surface and testifies to beautiful craftsmanship. The plaids and pillows are available in six bright colors, which fit perfectly into the Danish summer landscape.

GOTS stands for "Global Organic Textile Standard" and is a guarantee that the products are manufactured according to environmental and responsible standards and free of harmful chemicals, which makes them hypoallergenic. Elvang is fair trade certified at the highest level by the World Fair Trade Organization, and the products are manufactured under proper conditions for both the environment, humans and animals.

Thanks to Mette Kirk for the beautiful photos

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